Why People Date

Incompatible on the Surface


There are many modern couples who might appear to be incompatible, but looking at them through only one set of criteria can be deceptive. A person who loves extreme sports might be married to someone who prefers armchair sports, a great brain might seem mismatched with a person who generally is not a serious thinker, or a person who loves the ocean could be with someone who prefers dry land above all else. It would seem these relationships would not last long, but many of them can endure a lifetime of whatever life tosses at them.

Compatibility is comprised of many factors, so it is important to remember that each person has their own outlook on who will be a perfect match. The person who loves extreme sports might prefer someone who is an armchair athlete because they do not have to worry about competition from their spouse. Rather than being consumed with just one facet of life, their spouse can help them adjust to other important things in world.

Living with someone who rarely has deep thoughts might seem repugnant to many, and those who use their mental muscles in all facets of their life might appear to be easily bored by someone like that. In truth, the couple might be bonded by relaxation together that takes little or no thought for them to achieve. Solving the problems of the world is not something they do while at home, and it can be a restful way to be with a companion.

There are many apparent inconsistencies when people choose a spouse to build a life with them, but they are not necessarily deal breakers. For those who want something different at home than what they show the world, a spouse who is completely opposite from their normal life could be the perfect person for them.