Why People Date

Sick of Serial Dating


Finding a compatible person is not always easy. This is why many people experience serial dating. They quickly find the person they are with does not think or act in a way they admire or respect. It leads to breaking off the dating relationship as one that has no hope. These people then go on to find someone else to date in the hopes they will find a person worthy of a long term relationship. If that relationship works out, then they have found the person they want. Otherwise, they will continue to date multiple people until they find just the right one.

Dating this way can be incredibly frustrating. Not hitting it off with a date can result in an uncomfortable evening. Too much chatter is annoying, but too little talk creates a wall of silence. These types of dates make it impossible to believe there will ever be a right person to be found. It makes life appear as an endless series of horrible evenings with bad conversation and the occasional verbal sally to heighten tensions. This is one reason there are escort agencies.

An escort agency specializes in providing a person who will be compatible for an evening. Whether staying in or going out, this person will be pleasant and amenable. They provide an atmosphere where conversation can flow smoothly. If silence is preferred, they make it a comfortable and companionable one. Tensions disappear when a professional is provided by the agency. Of course this will not be a permanent relationship, and it is not meant to be. It is a good break from the search for a permanent relationship.

One drawback to agencies is their expense. This is one reason to find an independent escort. They have become more popular recently. They cut out the middle man, and the customer only pays for the escort. There are no agency fees. Of course it is important to realize that agencies take the time to screen people. They also have a group of escorts available to cover all hours and days. An independent is just one person and their time may already be booked.